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Fantasmic has closed!

There comes a time when all good things must end, and sadly, it is that time for us. After five and a half wonderful years, the lights are going down on our Fantasmic stage.

Fantasmic was born in early 2008, a little plotbunny created after Kat viewed it's namesake Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios one evening. All those characters on that finale boat, coming together in one dream, one place. Wouldn't that make a grand rp? There be no limitations of "Oh, but this character couldn't possibly get here" or "But they aren't from the same movie!" Anything is possible, after all, in Mickey's imagination.

And so Fantasmic was born. And little did any of us really realize what would come of it. Over the years, we have become FAMILY, and have created amazing friendships. Some of us have even met up outside the computer. We have become so close, so tight-knit, that we are able to share our problems and help each other through both the good and the bad. We are always here for each other.

And no matter what, that won't change.

Mickey's dreams are finally coming to an end here at Fantasmic. Though we have put off the idea of closing for about a year now, we have come to the conclusion that it is what's best for the board itself. But that doesn't mean the community has to die along with it. We hope to keep the spirit of Fant alive through Mouse Ears, which is Kat's Disney discussion forum. Ammers, Rune and Ky will be joining on as staff, so you'll have that familiarity! But here are some of the other perks you will find in this transition.

  • Similar to our "Dr Genie" board, we will have a "Fant-only" area for the veterans of Fantasmic on Mouse Ears. It will be viewable only to you, the Fant refugees, for any discussion you want to keep 'in the family'.

  • What most of you came here for was, of course, the roleplaying. Rest assured that you will have the ability to roleplay with your friends on ME, too! There are many perks to this more 'free-form' sort of roleplaying.
    Say you want to play character A, but just for the one plotsie in your head. You don't want to app for them and feel obligated to have them in five MILLION plots, when you only really wanted to do the one. Well, now you don't have to! You just play whoever you have muse for, at leisure. No more sitting on characters, no more plots you don't really want to play, no more stress of activity checks, no more word count, and best of all... NO MORE APPLICATIONS. We know that so many love their characters, but lose muse or time for them. But they don't wish to give them up because they are part of them. This will give you the opportunity to rp when you want, when you have time to, and won't hurt others who may want to play with that character too.

  • It's a discussion board, so... discussion! You have your Disney, of course, but we also have areas for Once Upon A Time, Marvel, Star Wars, and of course all the OOC areas for your Game Of Thrones, Sherlock, and whatever else floats your boat. We have graphic challenges, art contests, games... pretty much everything. A great variety of things to do if you're not in the mood for rping.

I realize it's a huge change, but at this point we feel we've made the right decision for the community and for Fant itself. As many of us graduate, or turn a new page in our lives, so must Fantasmic change as well. I love you all so very much; you are my second family and it has been a JOY to be your 'mama' of sorts over the years. I hope you do come over and join in on the fun at Mouse Ears so that we can all remain together. I do think that in the long run this will be a better, more stress-free option for all.

Fant will remain open until June 16th so you can finish out anything you need to, say your goodbyes, and get yourselves situated before making the move! Once it is closed, it will be a 'read-only' archive. You will be able to see all your old threads, but will not be able to post on them. If you want to continue your threads, we encourage you to do so on Mouse Ears!

If you have any questions, concerns, etc, please don't hesitate to post or contact us. :) And if this is the end of your journey with us and you chose not to travel to our new home with us, know that we love you, and we hope you'll pop into the cbox every once in awhile to say hi!



What is roleplay?

Authors write stories. They take on the task of writing each and every character in their story. For roleplayers, you are writing a story, but you are writing collaboratively with another person. You portray a character, they portray a character, and together you create the story you wish to tell. In a sense, you ‘become’ that character in your writing, and get to continue on their stories. So say you’re disappointed that Merida never found a husband in the film Brave. In roleplaying, you could continue her tale and find her one!

Roleplaying is all about creativity, and imagination. And a love for writing, and the characters that we play. It is acting, but it is acting with a keyboard and your mind, instead of with your body. And at Fantasmic, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a good roleplay with the characters we love. :) So check us out!


dA Art Group!

Yes... I've done it again. We now have a deviantART group, FantRP, otherwise known as Fant!Art. This will be used for housing art contests, and archiving all of your pretty Fant related works! :3 It will be a fun tool to have, I think, and I'm looking forward to seeing some art up there! So please join the group if you're interested (you must be a member of dA to do so, but its free!) and join on in!

We have started the first contest, so check it out!

Have fun!

New Albums on Fant!Radio!

So I've been working on adding some new songs to the radio! (Which contains a whopping 800+ songs!) New albums include:
  • Disney's On The Record
  • The Rescuers
  • Cinderella
  • Cinderella III: A Twist In Time
  • Disney Sings Country
  • Disney: Adventures In Jazz
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Dinosaur
And of course, expect more in the near future. I've been having fun adding them in! We totally recommend the shuffle option, it's fun. :) If you have requests for songs, let us know!


New Locations = Moved Topics!

As mentioned in one of the earlier entries, new locations have been added to Fantasmic along with the addition of the banners! Because there are more locations, we realize that some topics may be better suited to them.  For example, all Toy Story related roleplays originally set in the SAN FRANCISCO roleplay section have been moved to the TRI-COUNTY section.

If you would like a topic to be moved (either now or in the future), please feel free to contact one of the Staff Members! (:

Goodbye Fant!Quests, hello Oswald!

So Fant!Quests were a fun idea, but they sure didn't get very far, did they? Oswald Academy, on the other hand, is doing splendidly. And since we've been receiving a few complaints of the college thread getting lengthy, we decided to remove Fant!Quests for the time being and replace them with an Oswald Academy location. The college thread has been split up, and from now on, new threads will be started up by the staff NPCs each time we move forward in the plot. (IE: assembly, dinner, etc.) This way, it should be easier to find anything you might be looking for. You can find Oswald Academy in the Fantasia section of the board, replacing Fant!Quests.

Fant!Quests may return in the future in a different form. Stay tuned!


Location Banners & New Locations

For reasons unexplained (I get bored easily, what can I say.) I have spent the last two days working on adding location banners to each IC area of the board. (72, if anyone was curious. I had no idea we had that many locations. @_@) But these should be helpful for those who might not be familiar with the terrain of certain locations. For example, I had little idea what Space Paranoids looked like until viewing a few pictures. So not only do they add a little color, but they should be useful in that aspect as well.

But Space Paranoids, you say? That wasn't there before, was it? No, it wasn't. While working through these, I added several new locations to the board. Spoonerville and Tri-County Area have been added to the Americana. Mount Olympus and Space Paranoids have been added to Fantasia. And Fant!Quests have been removed, replaced with something new, which I will cover in it's own entry momentarily. So enjoy the new banners and locations, and feel free to request other places if you feel they've been neglected!

Topic Subscriptions

Did you know there is an easy way to track your topics so you never forget what you have open? Topic Subscription! It's simple, and actually quite convenient. In your My Controls panel, go to the sidebar menu and look for the subscriptions area. You want to click "View Topics". This is where all of your subscribed topics will go! It organizes them by location, and makes it super easy to look over any roleplay threads you have going. (It also makes it simple to see if it's your post or not!)

But how do you subscribe to your threads? That's simple too! At the bottom of your threads, there is a little plus sign, usually located next to the (PAGES: 1, 2, etc) listing at the bottom. Click this + sign, and a sub-menu will pop up. All you have to do is click the "Track This Topic" link, and tada! You're all set. Now when you look at your View Topics panel, it will show up! Add all of your threads, and you have an easy peasy to look at list of all your current threads! Try it out!


Fandom Topsites

Did you know that we are on a Topsites listing? We have been on RPG-Directory's Fandom Topsites for quite some time, and until recently have been holding up spot 4 on the list. But now we've dropped two spots to 6! Gasp! So if you have a second free to vote, please do so! :) The link is right underneath the staff box in the affiliates sidebar on the forum. You just click two buttons and you're done! ;)


iPhone Icon

Hey iPhone users! Now, if you add us to your home screen, you'll get an awesome icon! How do you add us to your home screen? Open Fantasmic in Safari, and click your add button. (It's the + button!) Then click 'Add To Home Screen'. Simple as that! :) And tada! A quick link to Fant for easy access. ;)



This journal is for the members of the Fantasmic! RPG, to keep them updated and informed of ANY news or changes that occur on the board, it's sub-branches, or in the roleplays themselves. Keep checking back here daily for your news!


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